You Can’t Compete with the Wall Street Housing Market

Are You Looking for a Home and Competing Against the Wall Street Housing Market?

This will be a very short post, but I wanted to touch base with many of my subscribers who are now in the housing market and looking for homes.

Sad to announce that the real estate market is geared to the wall street housing market investors.   Realtors are anxious to quickly close deals that will pay them a quick return.

Your Stealth Qualifications Will Mean Nothing

So, it doesn’t matter how you may have repaired your credit, secured stable employment, and have a decent income but not a large down payment, you will not be a major player in the game.

I say this with the utmost regret and pain.  We are in a sad state of economy.  What are we doing????

The Media Said  the Housing Market is Back to “Normal”

Despite the media telling us that our housing market is back to “normal,” we all know that this is not “NORMAL.”   A normal housing market means fair competition amongst qualified buyers.  Since when have potential home buyers had to compete with large conglomerates like the wall street housing market.

In the past, the housing market has always sold to small private investors….but not Wall Street.  Wall Street has always been in the game of real estate….but as a funder and secondary market investor.  Now they want to be landlords too?  (hmmmm)


I said I would keep this post short and I am.  But I leave you with this “food for thought” re-think your strategies if you’re planning to purchase another home and think outside the box.

I really don’t mean to bash Wall Street,  but for us little people out here who are just trying to make a living and have a decent place to live……it’s depressing.

What’s your opinion?

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