You Can Win in Court as a Pro Se Litigant

Are you about to lose your home and need to hire an attorney, but can’t afford it?  Did you think about representing yourself in court, but don’t know how?  I have a solution to your problem.  Jurisdictionary will show you how to win in court as a pro se litigant.

Let’s be clear, a pro se litigant is a person who is representing himself/herself in court without an attorney.

Not a Fan of Attorneys

As most of you already know, I’m not the fan of attorneys.  But, I do know that sometimes, that is, if we find the right one, they can be extremely helpful.  I’m not going to bash attorneys because, after all, I have recommended some that I think will do you justice.

But I’m a DIY believer, you know what I mean…..a do it yourselfer.  The way I see it, know one has your best interest at heart like you do.  Right?  That’s why I like to fight my own battles in court.

However, it has been my life experience that even though I may be a DIY’er, I don’t know it all. There are some things I have to take some time out and learn what I don’t know, especially if I expect to win.

What I’m about to share with you is exactly that.   Consider learning how to defend yourself in court, it’s not that hard.  Go to court to win as a pro se litigant.  I mean win in court without an attorney.

Believe me, I have had to go to court and defend myself a few times and my experience was always positive.  Yours can be too!

Most courts know that a person fighting as a pro se litigant  is inexperienced and probably doesn’t understand all of the legal jargon that is discussed.  That’s OK!  It really puts you at an advantage because the opposite side probably thinks you don’t know what you’re doing. 

All you need to do is familiarize yourself with some of the legal jargon that will be used and have some good defenses, so that they don’t eat you alive and you can win.  Now, I don’t mean to make this seem like a cakewalk, because it’s not.

Gather Documents and Have a Strategy

But, I can tell you this.  Gather and document your evidence, that is “super” important along with a defined strategy.

Having a strategy is of utmost importance and you have to know enough legal jargon they will be using in order to win as a pro se litigant.

Jurisdictionary – How to Win In Courtjurisdictionary

I don’t normally recommend or endorse many attorneys as you probably have learned after reading my posts.  So,  let me tell you why I’m recommending Jurisdictionary so highly:

  1. The course is being taught by a bonafide attorney, Dr. Frederick D. Graves. Now, I ask you… who would know better than him (lol).  He has been practicing law since 1986 for federal and state courts.  Here’s the link to Dr. Graves credentials.
    As you probably know, most of us Americans, nowadays, aren’t too trusting of doctors, lawyers and politicians.  Just look at this battle between Clinton and Trump….need I say more.

Dr. Graves is not Your Typical Attorney!

2)  The reason why I believe in him is simply his vision. Allow me to quote some of his pointers:

      • “Too often the application of law is neither fair nor sane.
      • Too often the practice of law is polluted by corrupt individuals.
      • Too often law favors the goals of a special few and, in the process, becomes a whore or coddles the favor of the majority and becomes a fool.
      • Too often law is little more than the decision of a mob.
      • Too often law is a tool by which elitists seek to re-make civilization according to their private view of what’s best for the rest of us.
      •  And too often people do nothing to resist or redirect the political forces that seek to steal from us our heritage of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Needless to say, my exact sentiments.”


3)  In 1997 Dr. Graves started this online course to help 90% of the people who can’t afford an attorney.  He offers an affordable legal know-how to help you win in court as a pro se litigant.

pro se litigantYou Don’t Need to Know-It All

 4)  You don’t need to be a “jack of all” to win in court. You don’t need to know everything that lawyers learn in law school , like contracts, sales, torts, trusts, banking etc. etc.  He will give you one-on-one instruction by, phone, fax, email or skype and teach you only what you need to know for your case.

 5)  Dr. Graves offers all the tools you’ll need to win in court:

          • videos
          • audios
          • forums
          • online question and answer forum
          • free online legal research tool
          • official rules of Court Lookup Tool
          • Guide to Roberts Rules of Order


6)  Here is a partial list of some of the courses that are being taught:

        • How to Stop Foreclosure
        • What is and is not “Evidence”
        • Trial Preparation and Procedure
        • Legal Writing – How to Do It Right
        • The Fundamentals of Property Law
        • How to Compel Hidden Evidence
        • How to Make Effective Objections
        • How to File Motions and be Heard
        • How to Write your Pleadings
        • And Much Much More


You can order this course with confidence and if you don’t like it, you have a 24 hour money back guarantee.

If you’re in foreclosure and about to lose your home, this is a great way to have legal advice at your disposal at a minimal cost.  Try it!  You cant’ go wrong.


pro se litigant

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