IRS Tax Scam

Yesterday, I received a very alarming email from Livinglies Weblog and I want to share this with all my folks.  Please beware of this scam….don’t get caught up in this insanity.

Scam Alert !!!!! ***** !!!!!!! People Pretending to be IRS 415-251-3754

If you get a call from people pretending to be from the IRS and the number they are calling from is the one in the title to this blog, they are most likely not calling from this country much less the Internal Revenue Service. They are scamming people by scaring them into thinking that their tax returns for the last five years are being audited. After they think that you are sufficiently scared they offer you a way out by prepaying the estimated tax. If you have already paid these people, consider your money lost and the IRS is not going to give you one cent of credit. If you see that number on your caller ID, I suggest you block the call by calling customer service for your provider of phone service.  They are slick and they know how to use the technology. Don’t pick up — it only encourages them.

If you Google the number you will see the number of people who have been pestered by these scammers. One would think that the NSA would be able to trace down exactly where they are in the world and perhaps visit them with the drone.

I imagine that in the not too distant future they will change the numbers since people are communicating about it. So you get a call from an unknown number, even if it says “IRS” on the caller ID, don’t pick it up unless you have been expecting a call from the Internal Revenue Service.


Just a Note:  It’s tax time and the scammers are there to prey on the unfortunate, so again, just be careful and  on guard.

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