Hardest Hit Fund (HHF)

Hardest Hit Fund (HHF)Did you know that some states were awarded the Hardest Hit Funds (HHF)  to provide aid to homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes?  More than 7.6 billion dollars was awarded to state Housing Finance Agencies to develop programs that will stabilize the local housing markets to assist homeowners in avoiding foreclosure.

Since 2010 the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) created by the Obama Administration was awarded to 18 states plus the District of Columbia (see the awarded states listed below).

If you are in need of help, this program may be able to assist you with

  • Mortgage payment assistance (up to 6 months in some states)for unemployed or underemployed homeowners
  • Principal reduction to lower the high balance on your loan thereby lowering your mortgage payments
  • Eliminating second lien loans
  • Transitioning to rental/lease homes that are more affordable

Most homeowners are totally unaware of this program because it is not heavily publicized.  Therefore, please review your states facts brochures that were issued the Hardest Hit Funds. Believe me, some of their programs may be able to help homeowners who are in serious trouble.

For example, the District of Columbia has 3 components available to its homeowners that can help with a one time payment of up to 6 months of  mortgage payments, read more of the facts below


 State  Fact Sheets
Alabama Alabama Fact Sheet
Arizona.. AZ Program Fact Sheet080311
California California Fact Sheet
District of Columbia Washington DC Fact Sheet
Florida Florida Fact Sheet
Georgia Georgia Fact Sheet
Illinois Illinois Fact Sheet
Indiana Indiana fact sheet
Kentucky Kentucky Fact Sheet
Michigan MI Fact Sheet
Nevada NV Fact Sheet
New Jersey NJ HomeKeeper Fact sheet
North Carolina North Carolina Fact Sheet
Ohio Ohio
Oregon OR Fact Sheet
Rhode Island Rhode Island Fact Sheet
South Carolina SC Fact Sheet for Treasury (2)
Tennessee Tennessee Fact Sheet







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