Are You Feeling Guilty Because You’re Not Making Payments?……. Stay in Your Home!

Stay in your home and don’t feel guilty because you’re not making payments. Look at it this way; you are as much a victim to the “Real Estate Bust” as the lenders. Everyone is suffering. This was not a win-win situation for anybody……..or was it? However, stay in your home.

Even though that still doesn’t relieve your stress, anxieties and pain of

your entrenched moral obligations and sense of commitment to “paying for what you owe”.  Stay in your home!

Stay in Your Home

So, for what it’s worth, there is a positive way to look at this whole ordeal and just remember that you are literally an asset to your community by staying in your home.  You have eliminated the vandalism, disrepair and decay of an abandoned home.

Vacant homes are targets of various sorts of crime.  For this reason, you should stay in your home.

The homeless will break in and rip out copper plumbing, appliances, pool equipment and anything that can be sold to make a dollar.  Often time’s squatters will move in and generate a worse problem due to lack of water, electricity and heat……that may cause a fire to erupt.   An abandoned home can even become a haven for drug dealers.  Any of these events will only incur an additional burden for your neighbors to secure their safety as well as their property. In addition to the vacant home being an eyesore for the neighbors, it also takes down the property values in the community.

More than likely, your neighbors would appreciate your staying on for as long as possible rather than looking at an overgrown yard, with piles of fliers, and newspapers piled up at the front door.

Prepare for a Better Day

Staying in your home can only benefit you as well as the neighbors and the entire community.  Take this time to accumulate savings so that if you decide to move on you will have enough funds to minimize the hardship of a “move”.  Setting aside some reserves will help to relieve some of the stress and pressure that you have endured and will give you comfort in knowing that you are not destitute.

The Bank Will Still Gain

This is not a personal design for the bank.  It is strictly business.  They see your home as a business asset with a return on their investment.  Unfortunately, because of our failing economy they probably won’t realize a profit, but your presence in the home won’t be a total disaster for them either.  They see possibilities of potentially negotiating with you to retain your home.  If that is not possible, then there is no harm in leaving you in the property.

They stand to gain in the same manner as your neighbors; you have reduced the possibility of vandalism and damage to the property that will afford them the opportunity to sell the property at current market value without having to discount the price even more due to vandalism.

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